Information and association policy


Membership fee

Anderstorp’s Equmenia, like most other associations, has a membership fee.
At present, the membership fee is SEK 200 for the entire year. If you start in the autumn, it is SEK 100. Once you have paid it in, you will receive a membership card.
In order for it to be easy for us to fill them in, it is important that you write the first and last name on the payment, as well as which group you are in. You only pay ONE membership fee regardless of how many groups you participate in. As a member you are insured in the event of accidents during our activities.

We prefer that you pay the membership fee to Anderstorp’s equmenia bankgiro number, which is 436-3974, but it is possible to pay to a manager.

You can also pay via Swish no. 123 187 25 06.

If you, who are not a member, want to support us, we gratefully accept a gift.

To you who are a parent

Thank you for the great trust you give us when you let us take care of your child for a while every week.
For us leaders, it is inspiring that so many children and young people find it fun to be with us in the Mission Church.
The goal of our work is to give our members a moment of instructive and fun fellowship with others, in addition, we want to tell the participants about our Christian faith and what it means to us.

Equmenia has the motto “Jesus Christ is Lord!” , and that is the message we want to convey. Of course, you can join Equmenia even if you do not have a Christian faith, or perhaps do not think about faith issues at all.
As a parent, you will receive invitations to various gatherings, as your children participate in one way or another. We also hope to welcome you to services and other gatherings we have in our church.

Do you have any questions about the Christian faith or our work?

Then you can turn to our pastors, Erik Lund or Jennie Lund.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, always feel welcome to Anderstorp’s Equmenia Church!